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Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Best wishes -- the question was popped.  Now, you have to start the process of planning THE BIG DAY!  There is a lot to do and the more time you allot yourself, the less stress you will have planning the wedding. What questions should you consider when hiring a...

Wedding Wednesday – Venue Review

Wedding Wednesday – Venue Review

Right now, we are in the process of gathering information for a Wedding Venue Review.  We will be talking to brides as well as vendors. Do you have a venue you would like to add to our review? Just contact us and let us know. Check back for the 1st round of...

Wedding Wednesday – Dress Shopping

It's a big day when you go shopping for your dress.  You have to decide: color (bright white, off white, pastel, etc.) length (big train, floor length, tea-length, etc) style (strapless, high neckline, long sleeve, etc) That's a lot.  You may be tempted to take a ton...

The BEST Idea for Brides

Normally, we do not "promote" products for brides.  We promote IDEAS.  In either case, this is a great idea! Ask anyone who has been a bride with a big dress, what was the toughest thing you remember about your wedding.  Chances are, they will say that going to the...

Incorporating Frivolity In Engagement Pics

When siblings offer to do something nice for you, should you wonder if you are being set up for a prank?  Maybe.  One thing you should know if you have a "professional photographer" do your engagement shoot -- THEY WILL NOT PRANK YOU (unless you ask them to). Check...