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Group Portraits

Group shots are useful for the team-building purpose or for execs that are scattered over multiple offices.  The background can be against your branding colors, a landscape or your office.

Real Estate

Professional photography can make all the difference for residential and commercial real estate listings.  High quality photos are critical to present the property in the best light.


Product photography provides the first impact on a shopper when making a decision to buy.  We deliver high resolution images that can be used for print, web or social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before I hire a photographer for Group Portraits?
It is very important to your establish expectations.  It might be best to schedule your company’s group portraits at the same time as their employee headshot.  Employee Portraits can be done before lunch and Group Portraits (a.k.a. Marketing Dept., Accounting Dept., Sales Dept.) can be done after lunch.

Think about the background you would like to see — plain backgrounds or company colored backgrounds or office/building backgrounds.  Be able to present other images that closely approximate what YOU are looking for.

How many Real Estate Photos Will I receive?
As many as you need to show the property in its best light — both for the interior and exterior.  We can shoot everything from private homes to corporate business buildings.  The images can be used for marketing and social media.
Can We Do Product Photography?
Absolutely.  We can either use a pure white background or in an environmental setting (or any other type of background you need).  These images can be used for social media or can be used for hard-copy catalogues.
How can the images be used?
We can provide a “Perpetual Use License” to allow your organization to use the photographs as you see fit.
Can I get physical prints?
Yes.  You can order prints of any size directly from your online gallery.  You can also download the digital files and take them to your favorite photo printing shop.

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