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The demand for good content and eye catching media increases as the digital market grows.  Check out the 4 things you need to consider when hiring a Service or Product Photographer.

product photography charlotte

There are 4 things to check when you are hiring a photographer to shoot your product or service:

  1. What Story Are You Trying To Tell?  All aspects of the photograph should convey “the story”.  You want someone who understands Color Theory.  Is the photograph for a catalogue or a part of your marketing / brand building?
  2. Lighting — Natural or Flash?  There isn’t a “hard and fast rule” when determining the lighting.  If the shot is going to be used for social media, natural light might be best.  If the photograph is for brand building, you may want to have control over the entire spectrum of lighting.
  3. Should You Request Trendy Effects?  Right now, film filters seem to be a big trend.  Just because you can use a trend, should you?  Filters can negate your brand consistency — something that looks “old-timey” might not be the best option for a brand new product.
  4. Shoot, Hard-Copy, Reshoot.  So, you get something that looks great on your monitor.  It may actually look different in print.  Make sure that you print a hard copy.  Look at it in different settings.  Is THIS really what you want?  If not, re-shoot and re-print.  Live with it for a couple of days.  THEN, make the decision about using the photograph.