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Any company has a number of marketing items that they can hand out to their customers.  You’ve probably got at least one pen in your desk with the name of a company on it.

Those are nice and useful but more companies are looking for something “different”.

This week, we will be doing a green screen shoot — that is where we hang a green fabric and people stand in front of it.  We take a picture of them in front of the green screen, then (through the magic of computers), we change the green screen into a background so it looks like the people are standing on a beach or standing near a pyramid.  We print the modified picture on site and hand it to the customer.  On this picture, is the company’s name and logo.

Most of the customers will take this picture to work or hang it on their refrigerator, where they can see it.

What a great way to keep your company’s information in front of them.

We can do this for you too.

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